Production process
01. Design

The boat design process is carried out according to customer requirements and relevant shipbuilding specifications using specialist 2D and 3D software.

2D Design
  • Design

  • External 2D structure of Korea Coast Guard boat

3D Design
  • Boryeong Dam(8m)

  • External 3D structure of Korea Coast Guard boat

02. Mold fabrication and inspection

The process of manufacturing the frame to create the hull
Bando Marine currently has 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 meter hull molds, and a 42ft (12.8m) yacht hull mold

Mold fabrication
03. Manufacturing

- The manufacturing process of Al boats requires the use of detailed processes such as marking, cutting, bending, assembly and mounting
- FRP is a process of reinforcement using wood or urethane after going through the hull layer process.

Construction Project
  • ALU

  • FRP

04. Assembly

Attachment of mechanical and electrical devices necessary for the operation of the vessel, including engines, and connecting them to a single system for the convenience of the operator

Boat plumbing and water system, Machinery piping systems.
  • Machinery Piping Systems

  • Boat Plumbing and Water System

05. Test Drive and Commissioning

Test driving of the boat to check whether the requirements stated in the design specifications are met

06. Handover

Handover of the boat to its owner upon completion of the test drive and commissioning

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