Key Achievements
Design, construction of ALU alloy and FRP high-speed vessels
Production of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) yacht and water craft
Design and manufacturing of Submersible boat and diver propulsion vehicle
Consulting in propulsion systems
(engine, shaft, stern tube, propeller)
Consulting boat design and vessel system.
Consulting in boat design and vessel system
Intellectual property
(4 patents, 1 boat design, 2 IMO SOLAS certificates)
Corporate History
2001 Oct “Bando Marine Co.” established
2003 Aug Design of 7m Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) for Marine Affair via HI News Incorp.
2004 Nov Design of 10m high-speed boat for Korea Coast Guard via Hannam Corp.
2005 Sep Design of jet propulsion for 12m class boat
2006 Mar Construction of 7.7m and 8.5m RIB with self-righting tube system
2007 Apr Construction of 10m RIB with self-righting wheelhouse system
2009 Jul Became a certified Venture company (INNO-BIZ), accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001
2010 Jul Established Corporate Research Institute at Bando Marine Ltd.
2011 Nov IMO SOLAS certified for high-speed rescue boat and propulsion engine
2011 Dec Received KR certification for FRP laminating and aluminium alloy welding processes
2012 Jan Mass production of 12, 7.3m long FRP RIB for battleships
2012 Dec Mass production of 10, 8.5m long Al alloy jet boats
2013 May Opened new production facility – Mieum plants (Gangseo-gu, Mieumsandanro 327, Busan, Republic of Korea)
2013 Nov Mass production of oil skimmer, 122 Bulletproof vessel
2013 Dec Design and production of 2, 14.5m long oil skimmers for Korea Coast Guard
2014 Nov Design and manufacturing of 2 catamaran patrol boats for the Gangwon-do
2015 Sep Design and manufacturing of 72 ft long Al alloy catamaran
2015 Nov Bando Marine incorporated to Bando Marine Ltd.
2016 Jan Design and manufacturing of 8, 8.5m long high-speed RIB boats for the Republic of Korea Navy
2016 Jun Design and manufacturing of 4, 14.3m long self-righting interceptor boats for the Korea Coast Guard
2017 Dec Design and manufacturing of 10, 8.5m long high-speed RIB boats for Republic of Korea Navy
2018 Jan Design and manufacturing of 3, 12.3m long self-righting rescue boats for Korea Coast Guard
2019 Jul Design and manufacturing of 9, 8.5m long rescue boat for Korea Coast Guard
2019 Oct Design and manufacturing of 1, 10m long self-righting boat for the Seoul Metropolitan Government
2019 Oct Design and manufacturing of rescue boat for Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
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